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Today, the National Geographic Society is pleased to announce the selection of the 2019-2020 National Geographic Storytelling Fellows. These fellows, nominated by a global panel of experts and selected by a committee at the National Geographic Society, represent the fields of photography, technology, film, art and journalism. These five fellows comprise the second cohort to...

Birds are admired for their beauty, songs, and the grace of their ability to fly and most importantly birds are admired for the role they play in the ecosystem. Yes, birds contribute to the environment directly and indirectly. This is often called “Ecosystem Services”. Many ecologically important plants require pollination by birds, and some birds...

Our world’s last remaining wild places are the treasuries of biodiversity and home to most of the world’s remaining wildlife, sustaining remnant communities of wildlife in marginal, degraded habitats through immigration or migration. We must act now to protect our last wild places and ensure the planet's future by committing to protect 30% of our planet by 2030.

As part of the Society’s efforts to help save the Sumatran rhino before it’s too late, we’re working with conservationists like Rudi Putra, a National Geographic Fellow working in Indonesia to protect this critically endangered species. We caught up with Putra to learn more about this project, what inspires him, and what people can do to help save the Sumatran rhino.

For many years, scientists have known of how the red or yellow colour of feathers is achieved. These colours come from pigments in food the birds eat, meaning that they are diet based. One of the challenges in avian colour has been to figure out how the #blue colour is achieved. Interestingly, it came to...

Having an understanding of what birds eat is important when it comes to having an overall idea of their preferred diets. Every bird has a different dietary preference, and if the preferences are known for different birds then this can be used to your advantage when birding or searching for birds in the wild. Thank...

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