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The Global Impacts of Habitat Destruction

Despite the habitat loss that has occurred globally to date, there is still hope. Studies reveal that by protecting 50 percent of the land and ocean around the world, plant and animal species could thrive.

Science & Exploration

Costa Rica calls for a Global Coalition of Champions to Protect Nature

President Alvarado proposes plan to protect 30% of the planet by 2030 New York, NY, September 23, 2019—Today, on the eve of the United Nations Secretary General’s Climate Summit, President Carlos Alvarado Quesada of Costa Rica, called for the formation of a ...

Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week: Resident Birds

Thank you to all the photographers that submitted photos of birds with the theme #Resident_birds. Birds are admired for their beauty and their ability to fly and most importantly birds are admired for the role they play in the ...

Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week: Endemic Birds

Over 200 Endemic Bird Areas have been identified across the world, many of these areas being in the tropics and subtropics. When we talk about endemic bird species, this refers to species of birds restricted to a certain region and they ...