Domestic cats have not only surpassed dogs as the most popular companion animal in the US, but they have taken the internet by storm. The most recent cat video to go viral hit cyberspace yesterday following an emergency call placed to a 911 dispatcher in Portland, Oregon. What we know is that the Palmer family’s…


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By Kate Horowitz The bald eagle. The Lincoln Memorial. The Stars and Stripes. Symbols matter in the United States. But regional pride is important, too, and every state in the union has its own heritage to celebrate—sometimes in odd ways. As children, we all learned about our state flags and state birds—but who can name…


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Big decisions are looming for management of 2.8 million acres of Oregon’s public forestlands – an area covering the size of more than eight Crater Lake National Parks. Because legislation concerning management of the so-called O&C lands could end up undermining some of our nation’s bedrock environmental laws like the Endangered Species Act, Clean Water…


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